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I have began to notice that each time I sit down to write my articles I naturally take an angle of basing my writings on positive advice. In a way, when we are giving advice on any topic, we are inherently giving ourselves our own advice also. This is probably why I write in this way. Because I use writing as a form of artistic therapy, a release of ideas, a way to spill my thoughts out into decorative words that somehow come together to make sense.

My blog is a life and fashion inspired blog, and always will be, Fashion and style have always been my great loves, studying fashion design for five years and always striving to build my knowledge still to this day. When I started my blog I never wanted it to be a ‘Fashion Blog’ in the traditional sense. I wanted it to represent what fashion is really about for me and from my perspective. Fashion is not just clothing and style, Fashion is a mood, a feeling, a sense of being and self-expression. It is a personal extension of your current mood and personality type.

Fashion is created from the creative minds of the world, who in turn are being influenced by the world. Inspirations like nature, architecture, cities, animals people, shapes, angles, art, history, geography, cultures, and it all comes down to how all these things enter our minds and are put back out into the world in different design forms.

Fashion is a feeling, an emotion, it always spans from a place of creativity in your mind, and subconsciously gathering ideas from the things you see each day, from the simplest things like watching the wind blow through the leaves of the trees to visiting an art gallery. As a creative we take these everyday feelings and visuals and use them to inspire new ideas.  So in turn I go back to the landscapes and the gardens and the cool street walls that once inspired the clothes we wear to be designed in the first place, and as a fashion inspirationalist I try to bring all these worlds of design and styling, blogging and article writing together to inspire and influence and show off my take on ‘this fashion world

We need to value how each of our minds work differently. This trait alone is our greatest one!

No one can control how our minds see the world, this is how there are such a vast amount of creatives and designers out there who each season create new collections which we then see on the runway and each have their own signature style and design aesthetic. Holding on to your individuality is holding on to what makes you different and will be your unique selling point in life. Value what makes you different from the others instead of striding to be the same.

Cream top with bow neck detail – ZARA –

Other top options for this look  –  from Zara here:

Blouse with frilled sleeves

V- neck blouse

Blouse with ruffled neckline

Powder blue skirt with A-symmetrical design –

Clutch with gold chain strap – Primark –

<3  Photography by Helen K <3


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