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Little Emerald – Luxury & Imagination

A New Year brings with it a fresh feeling of new beginnings once again. A new book, the first page, all yours to begin a new beautiful story, and you are the holder of the ink. You are the one who can rewrite all your beliefs of what you have thought up until now and what you think about the future and all you wish it to be.img_0405New & Change are two of the most powerful words you can hold in your mind on this bright new day, the first day of the New Year with all its possibilities that lie ahead. Change in your thought process and introducing New experiences are the best way to put these two powerful words into action. Sparking up our imagination is the very first step in bringing to life all our greatest dreams and ambitions that’s we have laid to the side over time because they seemed too unimaginable or unrealistic. Imagination is so powerful as it is the one single thing we have that has no limits, yet we limit ourselves as adults in what we can do. img_0641img_0636Imagine how magical our lives would be if we allowed our minds to fly free like our little models, Réidín and Mia for the day. Imagine all the things that are possible without the world telling us they are not. As soon as both girls stepped into their Little Emerald dresses we watched them transform into princesses for the day as they believed they were. It is such a simple way of thinking but as we all grow up we forget that it can still be as simple as this, believe it, think about it, work at it, act as if you are already are what you want to be or dream to be and it will fall into place and become your reality. If we all stride to keep our inner child alive we will never feel sad or let down because we will always have an unbreakable spirit inside that will keep our sparkle alive. img_0479img_0494Each little girl is a princess in her own right and no other children’s luxury brand in the world has created a collection that carries as much beauty, imagination and elegance as Little Emerald Luxury Children. Little Emerald have created pieces of art through the use of Renaissance lace, hand sown and finished to an immaculate conclusion perfectly fitting for a modern day princess. img_0562img_0563The initial concept of Lace design developed from the embroidery technique of cutwork, whereby a design was cut out of a woven cloth and the edges are secured with thread to stabilize the voided design and to provide further decorative texture. In 19th century Renaissance times the luxurious lace traditionally dressed royal children over the decades. img_0312img_0317img_0368img_0383img_0398Little Emerald have cradled this beautiful concept and brought it back to life for the little girl of today, through modern design and beautiful rich coloured fabrics. The belief behind the tedious construction and beautifully detailed finishing’s of Little Emeralds collections is that creating a dress is like creating piece of art from the inside out. Each style dress is unique from its Renaissance lace hand stitched needle work to its beautifully coloured fabrics defining Little Emerald as the only brand to create this form of luxury little girls dresses in the world. img_0715img_0750img_0751

Little models – Mia Doyle & Réidín Byrne

Dresses by Little Emerald Luxury Children –

Special Thank you to Regina & Kieran Doyle


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