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Fashion trends change from season to season, as do hair and makeup trends, but great skin and hair-care always remain on trend. Beautiful healthy skin and hair begins with the love and TLC we give it before ever applying makeup or heated hair tools. Healthy skin and hair create the perfect foundation for any look, when our hair is glossy and our skin glowing, even if you wear a simple outfit, you have already achieved a polished look if your hair and skin are on point!

We expect our hair and skin to always be in the best condition and when we notice our skin looking dull and our hair lacking lust we forget that both need extra love during the colder months. The constant going from the harshness of outdoor elements to the dryness of indoor heating plays havoc and we need to add back the moisture and softness that is lost.

When it comes to skincare I believe in giving my skin the best care possible and using the best products possible, after all we only have one face that needs to last us a lifetime

There have been times when I would run out of my moisturizer and I would wait a week or two to buy a new one (low funds) and in the meantime use a cheaper supermarket brand to get me by (I love love supermarket brands and moisturizers but for me I find cheaper face moisturizers, ((for me)) cause blocked pores and don’t melt into the skin like more expensive ones)

I am in the unlucky skin type group, I have very sun sensitive, easily damaged white Irish skin. Having this type of skin means I have to give it extra care and apply a variety of products every-day and night. I don’t have the luxury of splashing my face with water and walking to work makeup free. I have a healthy, mostly dairy free diet and drink lots of herbal teas and avoid fried foods as much as I can, yet still my skin doesn’t always reflect my healthy lifestyle. My skin issues are never usually with spots or blemishes but instead it’s the lack of ‘glow’ and ‘full of life’ skin which I always strive to achieve.

My specific skin type needs extra love from products which give it the extra boost it needs to battle off the effects of city life and indoor air con and heating. If I were to choose a skin brand which I would love as my main skincare of choice it would be Decléor! Firstly without a shadow of a doubt Parisian skincare is, in my opinion the most luxurious skin care in the world! The difference I have found in my skin since beginning to use a three step skincare program from Decléor is profound.Decléor sent me their ‘Smooth Yourself Beautiful’ set to try and I straight away began using the products in sync both morning and night. The set contained an Aromessence Mandarine Smoothing oil serum, an Aroma Lisse Energizing Smoothing Cream with SPF 15 and an Aroma Lisse dark circle and eye wrinkle eraser. The great thing about using products together, from the same brand, is that you get the full benefits from the range as the ingredients in each product is designed to work alongside each other giving you the best results  from the three step program.When it comes to my hair, anyone who knows me knows the struggle! It is not a struggle at all in regards to the quality of my hair or its maintenance, the problems le with the length of time it takes to wash and style my hair and the issue of some shampoos and conditioners weighing my hair down which then makes it’s impossible to get any (much needed) volume in to my hair. Yet when I use less heavy (less moisture rich) shampoos and conditioners I find my hair looks dry and slightly frizzy at the ends.As my hair is super long it is hard to keep my ends looking fresh. The problem lies with the top of my hair at the roots needs a different shampoo type to that of my mid to ends which can be quite dry at times.Discovering the Kerastase Discipline range has made managing my locks so much easier and with beautiful results. From the first wash, using the discipline shampoo and conditioner and following up with the discipline blow dry crème my hair has been a dream to blow dry and has become notably soft and supple with no frizz or heaviness at the roots. To find a good haircare system that works for you its can take lots of trial and error. Another problem that happens is we discard a brand for it results without taking into consideration that we have potentially used a product from the range that does not suit our hair type. Kerastase, is world renowned Parisian salon brand which accommodates all hair types, textures and colours. The discipline range was the one which covered all my needs which included smoothing, strengthening, and a pro-keratin formula which gave my hair back its lush-ness.

Decléor ‘Smooth Yourself Beautiful’ gift set cant be purchased at


The Kerastase ‘Discipline’ gift set can be purchased at


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